Merry Dancer 440ml can

Merry Dancer 440ml can

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A new beer, exclusively available in cans. Merry Dancer is a session pale ale at 3.8% ABV - a light beer for dark nights.

Named after the Aurora Borealis that here in Orkney we are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of in the clear winter night skies. In Orkney the northern lights are known as the 'Merry Dancers'. Another reason to enjoy this time of year.

Merry Dancer is the fourth batch of our own canning line, we think it's the best one yet. We purposefully went for less bitterness but kept the lingering hoppiness at the end. We think the carbonation is on point in this one too.

Classic UK pale malt and fruity hops from New Zealand provide the flavoursome balance.

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