The Orkney Islands


Remote and isolated, the network of rugged islands known as Orkney sit an hour’s ferry journey north from the top of Scotland. Since Viking times, people have worked hard not just carve out an existence on this wild land but to thrive. Almost constantly battered by strong winds and big waves from the Atlantic Ocean, we’re proud of our exposed location and our reliance on the sea. Our beer names are inspired by maritime themes and Orkney’s rich history, most have a deeper meaning. Every day, we at the brewery are inspired by our rugged surroundings, Orkney’s people, their culture and our beautiful, relaxed way of island life.


Whether landing at seaport or airport, Orkney is a spectacular place to arrive at. We make beer in a land of sandy beaches, abandoned islands, man-made causeways, historic buildings, constant wind, vertical seacliffs, sporadic hills and fertile farmland.


Owing to our latitude and the influence of the sea, Orkney summers are short and bright and our winters are long and dark. The temperature doesn’t vary by much - affording us no great summer warmth nor winter freeze. This said, the turning of the seasons is a noticeable and fuzzy-feeling time; knowing the winter winds and dark nights are coming is exciting. It’s wise to get your house in order in good time so you can sit by the fire on the first howling night with a beer and a dram and know you did your best.