We're hiring - Brewery Assistant & more

We're hiring - Brewery Assistant & more
We’ve been building our new brewery for what seems like an eternity but my diary suggests it’s only actually been a year. A lot has happened in those 12 months and we’re still 2-3 months from completion.
We’ve not minded the delayed completion date so far as January and February are such quiet months. However, as we move into March, the memories of our busy months come back to the fore of our minds and this also reminds us we need more people!
Our current most sought after hire is a new brewery assistant. Sadly our third ever employee Alex left Swannay in December and we’re now looking to replace him.
The blog you can read here [https://www.swannaybrewery.com/blogs/news/were-hiring-brewery-assistant-delivery-driver] describes this same role but we wanted to give you some more inspiration. 
Rob, Lewis and Butch all went through the brewery assistant role in their brewing careers. We are very much hoping the person we take on as our next brewery assistant will grow with the company as well and be an important member of our team.
As in the previous blog, brewing at the Swannay scale is not an easy profession and a love and passion for the art of making beer is really a necessity for the right person.
Rob’s goal from day 1 at Swannay was to make world class beers. If you are the person to help us continue Swannay Brewery’s goals of making the best beers we can, wed love to hear from you about this role. 
Your initial main roles would be:
  • cleaning casks and kegs ready for filling
  • filling the casks and kegs you have washed
  • dispatching casks and kegs you have filled to customers
  • loading the van by brute strength
  • loading lorries with the forklift
  • delivering local orders to Orkney pubs and hotels
  • assisting with development of Swannay Brewery overall
  • lots more - we're a small team
We’d love to welcome a team member with the passion and desire to grow with Swannay in this seminal stage of our journey.
We’ll be on the lookout for many other new team members as our project nears completion so please keep checking back if you have an interest in beer and skills in the following areas: chef, kitchen staff, tour guide, retail admin, marketing, salesperson. 
Cheers, Lewis.
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