OLA - Orkney Lager (440ml can)

OLA - Orkney Lager (440ml can)

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Orkney's first lager. OLA is brewed for the classic low bitterness and drinkability that make German beers world-beaters (even those brewed in Orkney). Restrained and rewarding, just like the islands we call home.

Unfiltered, unfined & unpasteurised - may pour hazy.

Lowest beer miles = highest enjoyment?

Serve cold and drink fresh.


  • Style: Helles Lager
  • Malts: Lager malt
  • Hops: Czech
  • Alcohol By Volume: 4.2%
  • Flavours: Soft, bready, floral

Unfiltered, un-fined and un-pasteurised, may pour hazy. Store upright, pour gently and drink fresh. Vegan friendly.

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