Webshop Order Deliveries

Webshop Order Deliveries

Around 20,000 people live on Orkney and a good number of them drink Swannay beer - it's in most shops and bars so it's easy to find. There are lots of folk who want to drink Swannay beer who aren't in Orkney and if it's not in their local shop or bar where do they order it? For a year or so one of the answers has been on this website.

With a mostly fixed product range orders have been steady and consistent and we've been shipping boxes regularly from the brewery in Orkney. It's nice to know your box of beer has come straight from the place where the beer was made, bobbed its way over the Pentland Firth on the ferry and trundled down the A9 on its journey to your glass.

This charm is lost however when the box we lovingly filled with fresh bottles arrives a soggy mess or doesn't arrive at all, so we've changed things.

Since last week all website orders have been dispatched from a logistics partner based on the mainland who are able to get our beer to you much faster and safer than we were managing. Delivery can now be as quick as next day and we're confident our damage/loss rate will plummet.

To welcome in this era of better customer service we're offering two discount codes so you can see for yourself how good things are.

Until 31 July, UK orders only

CHEAPSHIP saves £4.50 on any order (effectively reducing cost of shipping to £7.50 for up to 24 bottles

FREESHIP will activate free shipping on orders over £100

The new website we're working on will integrate our new shipping set up better and will also enable us to ship boxes of beer into Europe. We hope you're excited too!