Coronavirus update 1 - 16.03.20

Coronavirus update 1 - 16.03.20

The brewery shop is still open, 10am-4pm, Monday to Friday. We are taking precautions to sanitise door handles and surfaces between visitors.

We are definitely not alone but we are expecting tough times ahead at the brewery. 

The unprecedented spread of Coronavirus looks set to seriously affect the core of our business. We’re a cask led brewery who brew the bulk of our beer in the summer months. The increasing likelihood of enforced pub closures and probability of a dampened tourist season in Orkney will strike at our most important revenue streams.

Of course our much talked about building project is another factor. Our project was based on sales growth and opening our tasting hall in time for a busy summer. We are urgently working on how we address potential lower sales and a delayed completion/opening.

We have always valued very highly our local market but now more than ever we’re reaching out to those in Orkney to support local producers and shops.

We’re following official guidance and for now our brewery shop is still open. We have plenty of sanitiser and are being very thorough with cleaning between visitors. 

We hope those who need beer (and bread, meat, milk, etc.) will buy local where possible.

We will write on this website as often as we can during this crisis.

Thanks to everyone for their support so far.