Awards for Swannay cans in 2021

Awards for Swannay cans in 2021
As we wrote in this blog, there’s lots to look forward to this year. We can surely expect a more predictable 12 months than 2020 and 2021 afforded us and one of the things we’re glad to see returning to our calendar are beer events.
Time away from the brewery has to be justified as an investment and when travelling from Orkney this investment is harder to warrant than it would be if we were just “popping out for the day”.
The first event on our calendar is SIBA BeerX - this year held in Liverpool - we checked and there’s no easy route from Orkney to Liverpool! Some of the value to be gained from events like BeerX is in the form of knowledge and enthusiasm (both gleaned from catching up with fellow brewers and brewery people, as well as the educational tracks that events like BeerX also offer).
BeerX is the national SIBA event and where the UK-wide beer competition is judged. You can read here that our Orkney IPA won gold in the Scotland competition and so will be in the running for a national award in Liverpool. We hope you see us on stage collecting another accolade!
At the end of 2021 another SIBA Scotland took place - a little bit on the down low was the Scottish Beer & Can competition 2021. We kept the good news until now but we were pleased to win two awards at this competition too.
Our winning beers were:
Banyan - silver / session IPA
Low Roller - silver / premium pale ales
We’re delighted with two silvers but only golds earn progression to the national competition.
This will be the first time that beers brewed and canned at the brewery have been recognised at a competition. Great timing as we plan to can a lot more beer in 2022.