SIBA Scotland 2021 awards

SIBA Scotland 2021 awards

Some things become regular fixtures in the year and we all know that in 2020 most of our annual events were sorely missed.

The SIBA Scotland awards were one such fixture that we missed in 2020 so we were very glad for them to return in 2021.

We were even more glad to come away with three awards, one for each of the beers entered. 




Orkney IPA (cask)


Cask Premium PAs (4.4 to 5.4%)

Scapa Special (cask)


Cask British Bitters (up to 4.4%)

Island Hopping (cask)


​​Cask Session IPA (up to 4.3%)

 It’s always great to win awards for our beers but even more so after the last 18 months. A lot has changed at Swannay (we have a few more stories to tell) and to still be recognised for the quality of our beers, after all the changes, is even more rewarding.

Aside from the possibly existential crisis that was the pandemic, there have many headwinds for the brewery (and in Orkney only very strong winds are noteworthy). One of the biggest of these was multiple changes within the brewery team.

We’re even more delighted to win these awards with the new brewing team in place - testament to the pervading quality of Swannay beers and the Swannay team new and old.

Orkney IPA will now move forward to the national SIBA competition to be held in 2022. We’re looking forward to that and indeed to all the other regular events we’ve missed over the last 18 months.

Cheers to the future and to team Swannay.

We’ve put the winning beers in a taster box that you can order by clicking here.