A Friday the fifth of February 2021 update

A Friday the fifth of February 2021 update
A bit of snow made the brewery courtyard look even prettier this week.
We’re really looking forward to posting beer and beer-making pictures again but this week took the decision to push the next brew (that is the first of 2021 and first since November!) back to at least the middle of March when we will have moved the brew plant into its forever home.
Moving the brew plant is no easy feat and despite the fact we’ve known it’s been coming for years, a lot of detail is still undecided. Just some of the factors are: steam, drainage, water, power, CO2, air...
In between everything else though we’re scratching our heads and figuring it out, moving forward!
We were actually thinking about the same things last year, just before Covid took hold. We’re really lucky to have weathered the storm so far and be in a position to be considering our plan again now, after all that has happened.
A lot has changed over the last 11/12 months but we do feel the things we’ve done in that time will position us as strongly as possible on the other side.
Once the brew plant is moved we hope that the contractors will be back on site to finish the development project too. Do you remember when that started?!
For now our beer stocks are reasonable (lucky again) and we have some new and different cans planned for when we’re brewing in the new building. 
Orkney Blast in a can anyone?