10% off all orders and free Orkney delivery over £30

10% off all orders and free Orkney delivery over £30

On Friday morning we were finalising the finances to finish our building project. We knew Covid-19 was a growing cause for concern but the escalation between Friday and the time of writing (Tuesday night) would be unbelievable if it wasn’t true. 

We went into work on Monday morning with a heavy feeling in our stomachs - not knowing what lay ahead - we were pleased to receive orders from our regular accounts (we have an incredibly strong and loyal customer base).

We fully appreciate the necessity to take the action but overnight, Monday to Tuesday, all of those orders were cancelled. We had to phone the haulier and ask the pallets be returned to Orkney - no point in having stock sat in a depot for who knows how long when it could be in our cold store.

Trying to find upsides in what’s happening, at least our current cask and keg stock levels are not high. With uncertainty set to continue seemingly indefinitely we will not  brew any beer this week. 

We are not claiming at all that Swannay is unique or alone in its current circumstance, but the situation is serious for us, perhaps existential.

Two thirds of the beer we brew goes into cask and keg so with drinkers being warned to stay away from the pub, and the likelihood of enforced pub closures, we’re really looking at huge consequences. 

To encourage and support the aspects of our business still functioning, we have set this website up to discount all orders by 10% when using the code STAYINSWANNAY at checkout. 

There is also a free delivery offer for Orkney orders with a value of £30 or more - this is automatically applied at checkout.

Thanks for all the orders and kind words of support so far. We’re in crazy times.