Small batch cask: Voar

Small batch cask: Voar

Since day one, Rob has written up nearly all of our beer recipes. Since Rob is very much an artist, the ways his recipes are formulated is very much in his head or, if we’re lucky, in pencil on a scrap of paper.

There’s no doubt, for the beers that Rob sets his mind to, the finished beers are amazing, nay - when looked after properly - world class.

We’ve been making beer at Swannay for over ten years now and still 95% of ingredient and process direction comes from Rob. Owing to Rob’s artistic nature, though; contrasted with more analytical, process-driven minds, the methodology of recipe creation is not easily passed over.

The first three paragraphs notwithstanding, this brings us to our latest ‘small batch’ cask beer, Voar, which was not devised by Rob.

When breweries are extolling just how busy they are and shouting about their new tanks affording them extra capacity, we still have slack at Swannay so sometimes have the luxury of brewing a new beer.

Rob isn’t always that keen on new beers (nor are some other folk, to be honest) so the recipe came through Lewis. The idea for Voar (brewed Wednesday 4 April) was for a pale, clean, nicely hoppy beer with good mouthfeel from using a decent amount of wheat and oats.

Golden Promise
Flaked Oats
Oat Malt
Wheat Malt
Naked Oats


3.5% ABV

Cask only

Voar, by the way, is Orcadian for the spring. Since we brewed this just as the weather is turning the name seemed very apt.


Stromness Orkney Swannay Brewery

Let us know what you think of this not-from-Rob beer. Feedback - good/bad/as long as it’s constructive - is appreciated and helps us do even better.