Polypins are containers of fresh beer - just like you’d get from a cask tap at the pub. We offer them in two sizes (18 pints and 36 pints) and they’re generally filled to order so availability can vary.

Swannay Brewery polypin

The beer is unfiltered so the container needs to settle for 24 hours before drinking. Everything you need is included with the container and when it’s done you can recycle it - there is nothing to return.

Current availability for this Christmas:

  • Island Hopping
  • Dark Munro
  • SWO Stout
  • Scapa Special
  • Orkney IPA
  • Duke IPA
  • Orkney Blast

Availability is reducing every day as beers are racked from vessel. Order ASAP to be sure to get the beer you want.

Order online or give us a phone or message to place your order.