Changes to Orkney delivery charges

Changes to Orkney delivery charges

Even before pubs and hotels were forced to close our draft beer sales took a severe and immediate dip. Draft beer being more than half of our business, we straight away activated offers on, and shifted our focus to, packaged sales.

Most of us have uncertain and probable dark times ahead and to both encourage and support you in this regard we have been offering 10% off all website orders (use the code STAYINSWANNAY) as well as free local delivery in Orkney. 

We’ve been overwhelmed, humbled and so very grateful for the level of support received and the volume of orders going out is a bit crazy. Over 100 boxes today alone!

To make this sustainable in the long run (still planning for there to be a long run!) we need to apply shipping charges to Orkney orders.

Initially we were delivering the boxes ourselves but this wasn’t feasible. Now we’re using local firms to complete the deliveries to your door on our behalf. 

Initially we were using up shop boxes to package orders but these have now been used up and we are having to buy in new cardboard. 

To help us be here for the long run, we are trialling delivery charges of £2 per box within Orkney. Note this cost is a trial and may need to go up further depending on how things go. 

In the case of outer isles orders, we will deliver to the relevant isles depot (JBT, McAdie & Reeve, etc.) and the onward cost will be forward charged to customer.

Our boxes have 12 spaces:

1 bottle of any size = 1 space

1 can = half a space


12 bottles = 1 full box

24 cans = 1 full box

6 bottles + 12 cans = 1 full box

For each 1 full box there will be a £2 charge. 2 boxes = £4, 3 boxes = £6, etc.

The cost to buy a box, tape it, pack it, label it & deliver it is significantly higher than £2 but I hope this is a win-win middle cost for both parties just now.

Thanks very much again for your support in this tough time.