Swannay Christmas taster box

Swannay Christmas taster box

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This great gift idea is a fantastic pre-selected range of different beers (13 bottles/cans in total).

Our current selection of beers is as follows:

1 x 500ml bottle Scapa Bere

1 x 500ml Magnus Blonde

2 x 500ml bottles Scapa Special

1 x 500ml bottle Orkney Session

1 x 500ml bottle Orkney Blast

2 x 330ml cans (assorted, depending on what is freshest)

1 x 330ml bottle A-Babble

1 x 330ml bottle Peedie Porter

1 x 330ml bottle Barrel Aged Porter

1 x 500ml bottle Duke IPA

1 x 500ml bottle Pale Ale

*contents may vary if availibility differs