Peedie Taster Box

Peedie Taster Box

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Our most popular item, and for good reason!

Not sure what to try, or want to try a wide range of our beers? This one is for you.

No clicking around the website and checking your basket to get the best shipping rate, choose this taster box for a great range of Swannay beer and a branded glass. All boxed and ready to go.

Bottles and cans, pale and dark, low strength and high strength - beers of all styles are included and will vary depending on availability.

The beers you'll get (updated 20/05/2022):

2 * Scapa Special (500ml bottle)

2 * Island Hopping (500ml bottle) 

1 * Orkney Session (500ml bottle)

2 * Pale Ale (500ml bottle)

2 * Merry Dancer (440ml can) 

2 * E.S. Bere (440ml can)

1 * Ola Lager glass (this is not currently shown in the picture!)

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